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MTV Roadies Winner List From Every Seasons With Images


MTV Roadies is one of the most popular series among young people since 2003. This show features hundreds of contestants from various regions and places. 

The winners of MTV roadies are selected based on their performances in the tasks. The one who completes the entire task successfully and stood till the last will be selected for the winner list. Since 2003, there have been numerous winners of the MTV Roadies series. Now let’s begin to know about the MTV Roadies winner list of all winners from different seasons with the help of Vipbox:

MTV Roadies Winner Journey from 2003 to 2023 

Winners SeasonPrize Money Year 
Rannvijay Singha Roadies season 1 Rs. 5,00,0002003
Ayushmann Khurana Roadies season 2Rs. 5,00,0002004
Parul Shahi Roadies season 3Rs. 3,60,0002005
Anthony Yeh Roadies season 4Rs. 3,75,0002006-07
Ashutosh Kaushik Roadies season 5Rs. 2,30,0002007-08
Nauman Sait Roadies season 6 Rs. 3,62,0002008-09
Anwar Syed Roadies season 7Rs. 90,0002009-10
Aanchal KhuranaRoadies season 8Rs. 4,00,0002011
Vikas Khoker Roadies season 9Rs. 6,17,0002012
Palak Johal Roadies season X Rs. 4,50,0002013 
Nikhil Sachdeva Roadies X 1: Ride for Respect Rs. 3,20,0002014
Prince NarulaRoadies X 2: Your Road, Your GangRs. 5,00,0002015
Balraj Singh KhehraRoadies X 4Renault Duster 2016
Shweta Mehta Roadies X 5Renault Duster 2017
Kashish Thakur Roadies 15Renault Duster 2018
Arun Sharma Roadies 16Droom Used Super Bike2019
Hamid BarkziRoadies 17:RevolutionJawa Bike 2020
Nandini G & Ashish BhatiaRoadies 18: Journey in South AfricaRs. 10,00,0002022
Vashu Jain Roadies 19: Karma Ya Kaand Rs. 5,00,0002023

MTV Roadies Winners List of All Time

Roadies Season 1 Prize (2003) – Rannvijay Singha 

Year – 2003

Prize money – 5 Lakh

Host – Cyrus Sahukar 

Rannvijay Singha, recognized for his boldness and forthrightness, won the inaugural Roadies championship in 2003. After ending the season, he returned to host Roadies and Splitsvilla. 

Season 2 (2004) – Ayushmann Khurrana 

Year – 2004

Prize money – 5 Lakh 

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Ayushmann Khurrana is known as the most accomplished participant among Roadies all-season winners. Currently, he is a great singer, actor and presenter. 

Season 3 (2005) – Parul Shahi 

Year – 2005 

Prize money – 3 Lakh 60 thousand

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Runner up – Rahul Sharma 

Parul Shahi became the first woman to hold the title of Roadies Winner List. She was a fearless and talented participant who defeated 17 candidates and won the show. 

Season 4 (2006 – 07) – Anthony Yeh

Year – 2006

Prize money – Rs. 3 Lakh 75 thousand and Hero Honda Karizma Bike  

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Runner Up – Gurbani Judge 

Anthony Yeh was a fantastic and challenging participant who added his name to the winner list of Roadies Season – 4 winner list. 

Season 5 (2007-08) – Ashutosh Kaushik 

Year – 2007 

Prize money – 5 Lakh and Hero Honda Karizma Bike  

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Ashutosh Kaushik won season 5 of Roadies and became the winner. He has also appeared on Bigg Boss and won the season. 

Season 6 Roadies Hell Down Under (2008 – 09) – Nauman Sait 

Year – 2008

Prize money – 3 Lakh 62 thousand

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Nauman Sait was named as Roadies winner in 2009. The season duties were assigned to India and Australia.

 Season 7 (2009 –10) – Anwar Syed 

Year – 2009 

Prize money – 90 thousand 

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

The areas where the shooting of Roadies season 7 has been done are India, Egypt, and Kenya. Anwar Syed’s name appeared in the list of Roadies winners in 2010. 

Season 8 (2011) – Anchal Khurana 

Year – 2010-11

Prize money – 4 Lakh

Host – Rannvijay Singha

Anchal was the second female Roadies winner. She has also done TV shows and is an actor by profession. 

Season 9 (2012) – Vikash Khoker

Year – 2012 

Prize money – 6 Lakh 17 thousand

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

The ninth season of Roadies shooting was done in India and USA. Vikash Khoker won the show and he has also appeared in Bigg Boss.

Season 10 Battle of Glory (2013) – Palak Johal

Year – 2013

Prize money – 4 Lakh 50 thousand and Hero Impulse Bike + HP Laptop

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Palak has won the Roadies show and is known to be a fantastic participant. She has appeared in several TV shows and advertisements. 

Season 11 (2014) – Nikhil Sachdeva 

Year – 2014 

Prize money – 3 Lakh 20 thousand and Hero Impulsive Bike 

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Nikhil Sachdeva added his mark to the Roadies winner list. The show was performed in India’s Southern and Western parts. 

Season 12 (2015) – Prince Narula

Year – 2015

Prize money – 5 Lakh 

Host – Bani Judge 

Prince Narula was known to be the winner of Roadies season 12 and after the show, he has also appeared in Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye. He is an actor by profession and has done many reality shows.

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Season 14 (2016) – Balraj Singh 

Year – 2016

Prize – Renault Duster

Host – Gaelyn Mendonca 

Balraj Singh was known as the fearless and outstanding contestant who triumphed over all obstacles to become the winner of Roadies season 14. 

Roadies Rising (2017) – Sweta Mehta

Year – 2017 

Prize – Renault Duster

Host – Gaelyn Mendonca 

Sweta Mehta is an actress and Gym model by profession. She has won the Roadies Rising show and became a sensation on social media. 

MTV Roadies Xtreme (2018) – Kashish Thakur Pundir

Year – 2018

Prize money – Renault Duster

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Kashish Thakur was known to be the most handsome and talented contestant on Roadies shows. He won the show by overcoming tremendous tasks in 27 episodes. 

MTV Roadies Real Heroes (2019) – Arun Sharma

Year – 2019

Prize – Droom Used Super Bike 

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Arun Sharma was a Kashmiri Youngster who was crowned with the title MTV Roadies Real Heroes. He was known for his singing, dancing, and swimming skills. 

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MTV Roadies Season 18 (2020) – Hamid Barkazi 

Year – 2020 Roadies Revolution

Prize money – 3 Lakh and Jawa Bike 

Host – Rannvijay Singha 

Hamid got a crown as a Roadies Champion. He comes from Delhi and is a Model and dancer by profession. 

Journey to South Africa (2022) – Nandini G and Ashish Bhatia 

Year – 2022

Prize money – 10,00,000

Host – Sonu Sood 

Nandini G and Ashish Bhatia have been included in the Roadies Show 2022 winning list. 

MTV Roadies (2023)– Vashu Jain 

Year – 2023

Prize Money – 5 Lakh 

Host – Sonu Sood 

In the journey of Roadies Vashu Jain played a tremendous role and won the show. He was from Rhea Chakraborty’s gang, he also won the title of Chhattisgarh’s next super model trophy. 

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The MTV Roadies television show showcases the extraordinary talent of youngsters in various tasks. It can be seen as a gateway into the TV program industry. Every year, a new Roadies Real Heroes Winner emerges, having completed all of the challenges and tasks required. 


How much of Roadies is scripted?

At Roadies every episode that is aired are unscripted and genuine. 

What are the fees for Roadies Judges?

For every single episode, they are paid around Rs. 12 lakhs. Out of which Rannvijay Singha was the highest-paid gang leader. 

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