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Airtel Free Data Code: Offer, Airtel Tips And Tricks in 2024


The battle among the numerous telecom firms is getting fiery day by day, whether it is Jio, Airtel, or Vi there have been several recharge plans introduced by the companies to expand their customer base.  What we can say is that now you can use the free data on your device by simply using an Airtel free data code, it sounds interesting! and yes you can indeed utilize it on your device at any time. Airtel is one of the biggest cellular network companies in India and the company offers a variety of data plans or calling plans to attract customers to buy their SIM at an affordable price. Airtel offers data plans in weeks, months, or years and if suddenly your package is over, you can use the new trick of free data code.  

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How to Get Airtel Free Data

  Everyone loves it when they get free data from their telecom firms without paying any additional cost. Free data can be used in many ways through the person, it is for personal use, business use, or studies, there are ways you can utilize only just what you have to know about to get the free data. Now let’s see the points in Vipbox that how you can get and use Airtel free data with.

  1. To acquire the free internet on Airtel, you have to first insert the new Airtel sim card in your smartphone and then activate it. 
  2. After inserting the sim, you have to wait for 6 hours for the activation, and after that give a call to 51111 with the new sim.  
  3. Dial particular USSD codes given by Airtel to check without charge information offers. For illustration, dial *121# to see on the off chance there are any extraordinary offers for your number.
  4. Pay consideration to special SMS messages from Airtel, which may incorporate free information offers and information on how to claim them. 
  5. At last, the 30 GB offer is now activated and you can enjoy the Airtel free Data for the upcoming 30 days of the month.  
                Details Airtel USSD Code 
Balance Check USSD code *123#
Number Check USSD code *282# 
Offers Check code *121#
Package check code *123#
Data charges Check code *121*7*5#
Airtel customer Check code 198
Complain number 121
Check Airtel unlimited packs *121*1#

365 GB Offer of Airtel 

The Airtel 365 GB offer is also known as the Airtel Swap offer and you can now get a new sim with the present number that you are using, this offer enables you to get your present sim swapped with a new one and the free data available on the new sim. Now let’s see some quick points to get the 365 GB free data on Airtel 

  1. First, you have to visit the Airtel store closer to your location. 
  2. Dont forget to take your Adhar card with you and the present SIM you are using 
  3. Ask the Airtel executive then it can be able to swap up the sim to the new one 
  4. And if the Airtel executive is ready to swipe the sim, then get the SIM and it will only take 15 minutes or less.  
  5. After inserting the SIM into your smartphone, it will be activated for some hours and then you have to dial 51111. 
  6. After a few times, by utilizing this free web trap on Airtel, you’ll get 30GB of free information.
  7. Repeat the same step for 12 consecutive months so simply can get an add up to 365 GB of information.
  8. It must be famous that the client must carry out such activities as per his impulses and fancies and the website/author might not be answerable/questionable under any circumstances. 

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Exclusive Benefits of Free Data From Airtel 

Airtel Free data code provides numerous benefits to users and this offer can enhance the overall mobile internet experience without adding the outer cost it also increases the user experience from which users also get the free internet service from where he/she wants. Let’s see the major benefits of using the free Airtel free data

  1. Cost Saving –  Free data helps you save money on your monthly mobile expenses, which allows you to use free data without any cost. On the other hand with free data, you can extend your internet usage without exhausting your daily data allowances.   
  2. Expanded Network –  Free information guarantees you remain associated with companions, family, and colleagues through social media, informing apps, and video calls. It permits you to work remotely or go to online classes without the fear of running out of information.
  3. Upgraded Amusement –  Appreciate gushing motion pictures, TV appearances, and music without intrusion, making the foremost of your free information for excitement purposes. Play online diversions and utilize gaming apps without stressing almost information utilization.
  4. Get to to Data – Utilize free information to get to online assets, and inquire about papers, instructive recordings, and other learning materials. Remain upgraded with the most recent news, patterns, and overhauls from around the world.
  5. Adaptability –  Try with new apps and administrations that simply might not have utilized something else due to information imperatives. Utilize cloud capacity and reinforcement administrations to store and match up your vital records without utilizing your standard information stipend. 

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Tips & Tricks to Get Free Data From Airtel 

To get Airtel free data you have to be aware of some tips and tricks, which allow you to get the free data without paying a single penny.  Just you have to focus on Airtel schemes and plans to get it and frequently check the Airtel thanks app for new offers as well as promotions. Now let some few tricks & tips to get free data 

  1. Recharge offers –  Always be aware and look out for the recharge plans package that provides optional data while keeping your eyes open to the exciting offers that come during the festive seasons. 
  2. Referral Programs –  Try to use referral programs to invite your friends to join Airtel and through this, you and your friend can both enjoy the free data services for several days. 
  3. Airtel Wynk Music App – Download the Wynk Music app and routinely utilize it. Airtel regularly rewards dynamic clients with free information. Check the app for extraordinary offers that might give free information for tuning in to music or other exercises.
  4. Take part in Studies and Challenges – Take part in challenges and studies facilitated by Airtel, which some of the time offer free information as a reward. Give input on Airtel administrations through official channels, as this will now and then be remunerated with free information. 

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Getting free data is not less than a reward nowadays and this reward can be provided to you by Airtel free data code, where Airtel provides the free data for several days without costing any single penny from your side. So now what are you waiting for make your plans good and enjoy the free data from anywhere you want.  

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ’s) 

Q –  Are there any Airtel data coupon codes? 

A –  Yes! Many coupon codes exist for free 3G and 4G services like *141*567#, 5999555, and 51111. 

Q – How to claim 2GB of free Airtel Data? 

A –  You can claim 2GB free data from Airtel through data coupons from recharge of 839, 719, and many more. 

Q –  How do you get FREE data from Airtel App? 

A –  You can use the Airtel Thanks App and Go Daily App to get the free data rewards.  

Q –  Can I get the new SIM card with my old number? 

A –  Yes! Airtel will allow you to keep the same number with the new SIM card. 

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