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Kingfisher Beer Price in India (Updated 2024)


Kingfisher Beer is one of India’s most popular and iconic beer brands, made by the United Breweries Group. It debuted in 1978 and is noted for its vivid branding, consistent quality, and diversified taste. 

This beer brand’s pricing structure varies throughout states due to local demands, packaging, and state areas. With the help of this article you will get to know about the different types of Kingfisher beer, history, market presence and cultural significance. 

Price of Kingfisher Beer in India 

Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.105
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer330 mlRs.55
500 mlRs.80
650 mlRs.100
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.105
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.85
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer330 mlRs.90
500 mlRs.130
650 mlRs.170
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier 330 mlRs.95
500 mlRs.160
650 mlRs.185

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History and Background 

The origin

The UB group was founded in 1915 by a Scotsman Thomas Leishman ,that manufactures beer for the British soldiers stationed in India. However, in 1978, the company launched the Kingfisher beer brand, which has since become the number one beer brand in India and is loved by many people. 

Growth and Expansion 

This beer brand rapidly gained popularity in no such time because of its distinct taste and marketing strategies. Kingfisher beer has a catchy slogan for people ‘’The King of Good Times’’. This brand has sponsorship of various sports events, TV advertisements including cricket. 

Kingfisher Beer prices in metro cities

Here is the detailed prices for the kingfisher beer in India: 

Kingfisher beer price in Bangalore 

Variant Price 
Kingfisher ultra max premium strong beer 330 mlRs. 110
Kingfisher ultra max premium strong beer 650 mlRs. 185
Kingfisher ultra max premium strong beer can 500 mlRs. 135
Kingfisher strong premium beer 330 mlRs. 85 
Kingfisher strong premium beer 650 mlRs. 150
Kingfisher ultra-lager beer 330 mlRs. 110
Kingfisher ultra-lager beer 650 mlRs. 175

Kingfisher beer in Mumbai 

VariantCan SizeKingfisher Beer Can Price
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer    330 mlRs.125
500 mlRs.145
650 mlRs.200
Kingfisher Ultra lager beer330 mlRs.140
500 mlRs.175
650 mlRs.200
Kingfisher strong premium  beer330 mlRs.115
500 mlRs.145
650 mlRs.190
Kingfisher Storm Strong Beer500 mlRs.160
650 mlRs.200
Kingfisher Ultra Max Premium Strong Beer330 mlRs.160
650 mlRs.200
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier330 mlRs.160
500 mlRs.180
650 mlRs.240
Types Packing Price 
Ultra – premium beer650 mlRs. 150
Ultra – premium beer500 mlRs. 120
Ultra – premium beer330 mlRs. 110
Strong beer500 ml CanRs. 100
Ultra – large beer650 mlRs. 140
Ultra – large beer500 mlRs. 110
Ultra – large beer330 mlRs.  80

Kingfisher beer price in Kolkata

Types Can SizeKingfisher Beer Can Price
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer    330 mlRs.60
500 mlRs.85
650 mlRs.115
Kingfisher Ultra lager beer330 mlRs.85
500 mlRs.115
650 mlRs.155
Kingfisher strong premium  beer330 mlRs.60
500 mlRs.115
650 mlRs.120
Kingfisher Storm Strong Beer500 mlRs.125
650 mlRs.135
Kingfisher Ultra Max Premium Strong Beer330 mlRs.105
650 mlRs.195
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier330 mlRs.115
500 mlRs.165
650 mlRs.220

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Kingfisher beer price in Chennai

Variants Can SizeKingfisher Beer Can Price
Kingfisher Superior Strong Beer325 mlRs.65
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Classic Strong Beer325 mlRs.75
650 mlRs.140
Kingfisher Blue Special Strong  beer325 mlRs.80
650 mlRs.150
Kingfisher Magnum Strong Beer325 mlRs.80
650 mlRs.150
Kingfisher Select Premium Beer325 mlRs.70
650 mlRs.130

Variants of Kingfisher Beer 

Kingfisher beer is available in India in different variants that cater to different customer preferences. Let’s know what these includes:

  • Kingfisher Blue Beer

The Kingfisher Blue Beer has 5% alcohol and gives the customer a vivid, contemporary feeling. 

  • Kingfisher Storm Beer 

It contains 8% alcohol and is known for its robust flavor and good taste catering to those who prefer more intense beer. 

  • Kingfisher Ultra Max Beer

The Kingfisher ultra max beer has about 6.5% of alcohol in it and is known for its refreshing taste and richer taste. 

  • Kingfisher Ultra Beer

It has approximately 4.8% alcohol, which is extremely low when compared to other beer brands. It is renowned for its mild flavors and tastes. 

  • Kingfisher Strong Beer

It has about 8% ABV and this variant is designed for those customers who prefer to have stronger beer and smooth taste. 

  • Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer

The kingfisher premium lager beer contains very less amount of alcohol consistency in it. It has 4.8% of alcohol available in it that appears to be a light beer with mild flavors and refreshing taste. 

Factors affecting the price of Kingfisher Beer

Here are the factors affecting the kingfisher beer prices in India: 

  • State Regulation

All the states in India have their own tax policies on alcohol and beer sales that lead to price variation.

  • Packing 

The Kingfisher beer brand is available in the market in different forms such as Kegs, Cans and Bottle which also have different price ranges. 

  • Retail Environment 

The kingfisher beer price may vary between retail shops, restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs. 

  • Volume 

The price range is depending on the volume of Kingfisher beer. Can sizes include 650 mL, 330 mL, and 500 mL. 


Kingfisher beer has had a significant impact on Indian society; consumers enjoy this beer brand for its taste and dependability. The UB group manufactured it in India in 1978, and it now competes with both native and foreign brands. Despite competition, the Kingfisher beer brand has maintained a strong presence and impact among customers. Kingfisher beer sponsors the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other cricket teams, effectively reaching out to the country’s cricket fan base.


1) What kind of beer is kingfisher?

Kingfisher Beer has developed a premium lager beer that is full of the tastes of European pilsner, but the company has added their own twist to make it lighter.

2) Who is the king of Beer in India?

Kingfisher beer is known as the “king of beer” in India. This brand offers a variety of selections, including strong and super beer, kingfisher premium beer, and more, all with a crisp and pleasant taste. This beer brand is popular among Indians due to its taste and smoothness. 

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