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Kingfisher Beer Price in Delhi 


The beer brand Kingfisher is known as the King of the Beer Market. This is an old brand known for its contemporary beer trends, and it has been popular in our country for many years. To set the mood, a chilled Kingfisher beer bottle may be the ideal option. However, if you are a first-time buyer looking for pricing information, this post will be useful to you. 

The price of Kingfisher beer starts from Rs. 55 to Rs. 225. The beer brand was founded by Vijay Mallya in 1978 and produced by United Breweries Group. Kingfisher beer is available in different variants like Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Blue, Kingfisher Premium, and Kingfisher Draught.   

Price of Kingfisher Beer in Delhi 

Product Price 
Kingfisher Premium Lager Beer 330 ml Rs. 55
King Fisher Fine Large Beer 330 mlRs. 70
King Fisher Fine Large Beer 500 mlRs. 105
King Fisher Fine Strong Beer Rs. 130
King Fisher Fine Strong Beer 330 mlRs. 70
King Fisher Fine Strong Beer 500 mlRs. 105
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer Rs. 100
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer 330 CanRs. 55
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer 500 CanRs. 80
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer 330 mlRs. 70
King Fisher Strong Platinum Beer 500 mlRs. 85
Kingfisher Strong Platinum BeerRs. 130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Large BeerRs. 170
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Large Beer 330Rs. 90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Large Beer 500Rs. 130
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer Rs. 185
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer 330 mlRs. 95
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer 500 mlRs. 160

Price of Kingfisher Beer in Ghaziabad

Kingfisher Fine Lager Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.105
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Premier Lager Beer330 mlRs.55
500 mlRs.80
550 mlRs.100
Kingfisher Fine Strong Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.105
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Strong Platinum Beer330 mlRs.70
500 mlRs.85
650 mlRs.130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager Beer330 mlRs.90
500 mlRs.130
650 mlRs.170
Kingfisher Ultra Max Premium  Fine Strong Beer330 mlRs.95
500 mlRs.140
650 mlRs.180

Price of Kingfisher Beer in different Locations of Delhi

LocationPrice (Approx.)
Bars and Pubs( Central DelhiRs.150 to Rs.250
Restaurants ( East Delhi)Rs.120 to Rs.200
Liquor Stores ( South Delhi)Rs.100 to Rs.180
Hotels (West Delhi)Rs.160 to Rs.250

About – Kingfisher Beer

The average price of Kingfisher beer is Rs. 55 for a 330 ML bottle. It was well-known in India as a beer brand. The Kingfisher beer brand was created in India in 1967, and it has a significant market share as a beer brand in India. People are aware of this brand since it is available in every beer shop; they are just obsessed with the flavor of this beer brand. 

Alcohol Volume in Kingfisher Beer 

The percentage of alcohol in this beer is 4.8% which is very low as compared to other brands. If someone wants to taste beer for the first time, Kingfisher is the best choice for them. 

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What are the varieties of Kingfisher beer?

The variants of Kingfisher Beer are listed below:

  • Kingfisher Premium
  • Kingfisher Strong
  • Kingfisher Magnum Strong
  • Kingfisher Strong Fresh 
  • Kingfisher Draught
  • Kingfisher Ultra
  • Kingfisher Blue 
  • Kingfisher Red
  • Kingfisher Lager
  • Kingfisher Strom

Kingfisher 12 Pack Beer Price 

The price of a Kingfisher 12-pack beer in India is estimated to be roughly Rs. 840. It is also considered the most popular beer gift package. 

How is Kingfisher beer made?

Kingfisher beer is made up of water, wheat, maize, rice, hops, sugar cane, and malt as its ingredients list. While producing this beer it needs to involve numerous steps that include Fermentation, Maturation, Mashing, Lautering, and packaging before finally reaching completion.

Kingfisher beer production begins with mashing subsequently followed by lautering and additional steps. Malted grains are mixed with hot water during mashing to produce a mixture that requires to be separated out later using Lautering: which separates out liquid from spent grain. 

The final steps include boiling it with hops for flavors and aroma transfer before cooling it. By adding yeast for fermentation, then purifying to enhance the flavor before packing for market sale. All the ingredients used to craft Kingfisher Beer have been carefully chosen so as to give this drink its rich aromas and flavors.  

Kingfisher beer bottle sizes 

  • 330 ml (24*330 ml cases)
  • (24*330 ml cases)
  • Pint or half-pint kegs (650 ml)
  • (12*650 ml case)

Branding and Marketing Strategies 

The brand’s success in Delhi can also be credited to its outstanding branding and marketing initiatives. The Kingfisher beer logo brand is a flying kingfisher bird. This beer brand has maintained relevance and visibility in Delhi’s competitive market. As a prominent player in Delhi’s beer industry, kingfisher beer brand significantly contributes to the local economy as well through employment opportunities, Tax revenue, and distribution


The presence of Kingfisher beer in Delhi shows its popularity, widespread availability, and acceptance among diverse demographics. It stands in the heart of Delhi and serves more than simply beverages.

Kingfisher Beer is one of the most popular and effective beers available in Delhi. If you want to drink beer you can choose Kingfisher Beer. Because of state taxes, availability, and location factors, Kingfisher beer prices vary between states. It can be the best choice for those people who are alcohol lovers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is the alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer?

The alcohol percentage of Kingfisher beer is 8% ABV. 

2) What is the price of Kingfisher 330 ml?

The price of Kingfisher 330 ml in Delhi is between Rs. 70 to Rs. 130 based on different variants of this beer. 

3) What is the Kingfisher beer 550 ml price in Delhi?

The Kingfisher 550 ml bottle price in Delhi is Rs. 130. 

4) What is the price of Kingfisher beer 650 ml in Delhi?

The Kingfisher Ultra beer price in Delhi is Rs. 130 for 550 ml and Rs. 90 for 330 ml. 

5) What is the Kingfisher beer price in Delhi?

The Kingfisher beer price in Delhi is Rs. 105 for 550 ml, and Rs. 70 for 330 ml bottles. 

6) What is the price of Kingfisher Ultra 500 ML?

The consumer can purchase Kingfisher Ultra 500 ml at just Rs. 95 only.

7) Is Kingfisher a strong beer?

No, it is not that strong because it contains less alcohol volume as compared to other brands of beer. 

8) How many ML is Kingfisher Strong beer?

The Kingfisher strong beer is 650 ml in volume and the price range is Rs 180. 

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