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Top 10 Green Shirt Matching Pant Combination Ideas


An individual’s personality is defined by how they carry themselves. Sometimes it’s not about your outfit, it’s about you and your dressing sense. However, with growing time people prefer improving their wardrobe so that they can look good and feel good at the same time. However, if you are also interested in improving your wordbrode then adding a green shirt can be a great decision. A green shirt is a combination of decency and charm and quickly elevates your look. Moreover, it does not even require any special complexion type. The best part of adding a green shirt is that it is great for almost every occasion as it can easily go with formal attire or a chic one as well In VIPBOX you can get some good combination of green shirt with different pants. 

Best Green Shirt and Matching Pant Combination Ideas

Nowadays, green shirts have a great favorability among men but they often feel confused while styling them. So here we have got your back. In this article, we have provided you with various Formal shirt pant combinations that will enhance your sense of style. Moreover, through this, you will be ready to gain all the spotlight and attention.

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 Green Shirt and Gray Pants Combination

The men who like to keep their look lowkey formal are the ones who prefer this kind of combination as it defines the sophistication and refined look. You can undoubtedly pair this combination of gray pants with a green shirt as they are considered to be best for business meetings or casual dinner dates. Both the colors complement each other and the best part is that none overpowers the other one. You can easily create a formal – business vibe through this combination. The combination shines among the crowd as the light gray color of the pants compliments the green shirt without overpowering it.

Green Shirt with Beige Pants

Beige is one of the most widely used and worn colors among people of every age group as it goes with every color. However, it compliments the dark green shirt greatly. If you prefer to wear this combination for outings then this can be a real idea. Both colors are versatile and go nicely with each other. Additionally, to add a formal touch to your appearance you can add a blazer of your choice or either you can keep it simple or cool. If you do not have beige pants then don’t worry, you can try various other combinations until you find your comfort pair. But sometimes wearing something different can be a great idea to enhance your appearance.

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Green Shirt With Navy Blue Pants

Navy blue is a color that goes with almost every other color as it is versatile and complements the whole appearance. However, you can try this combination of a green shirt with navy blue pants to get the chic look. The best part of the navy blue color is that it is versatile and goes nicely with various cool colors. You can try this combination on various occasions and maintain the aura of elegance. This combination is mostly for informal occasions so you can try it on your date with your partner or an outing with your friends. Through this pair, you can elevate your fashion sense and be the star of the night.

Dark Green Shirt Combination with Black Pants

Black is one of the widely loved colors of men’s clothing as it is highly versatile and can be paired up with any other color easily. If you want to show your look as sophisticated as possible then you can try this combination of dark green shirt with black pants. It defies the devilish aura through its complexion and is a great option for office meetings or business lunches. This combination defines the balanced and stable coordination between your outfits. This outfit will make you stand out of the crowd and turn all the attention to you. Both colors complement each other and the black color handles the brightness of the green color.

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Olive green shirt with white pants

If you want to have an appealing look then try an olive green shirt with white pants that will turn your normal look into a statement look. You can try this combination for various occasions such as trips, outings, dates, etc. This look of white pants with an olive green shirt is an ideal look for almost every semi-formal occasion. The best part of this look is that it looks appealing to the eyes and gives a relaxed vibe. You can accessorize your look or opt for white sneakers for a more decent appearance. 

Light Green Shirt with Cream Pants

Nowadays, people widely prefer pastel colors and light green is the best example of that as it gives quite soft vibes and can be paired with crème pants to give a more enhanced look. You can try this combination for any outing or get-together. The best part of this look is that it maintains a balance between being chic and formal. This combination defines the exquisite charm and makes you look more appealing. This combination is the perfect pop of color which is soft in look.

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Green Shirt Matching Blue Jeans Combination

We all have seen that blue jeans are considered to be the most versatile and go with almost every color. However, if you’re planning to try your green shirt with denim blue jeans then let me tell you it is the best combination. It is a perfect mixture of funkiness and decency. This is considered to be an ideal attire and goes on almost every occasion whether it’s a family gathering or a casual outing, this combination will never disappoint you. It defines the utmost confidence and you can make it more appealing by accessorizing it with a watch or good footwear. 

Green Shirt and khaki Pants Combination

This combination of khaki pants and green shirts is considered to be the ideal combination worn by men. It is a timeless combination that never goes outdated or out of style. However, all you have to do is choose the right color to pair with your khaki pants so that they will be relevant for the required occasion. You can try this outfit for various informal gatherings and elevate your whole appearance.

Mehendi Green Shirt with Black Pant

This combination is a forever-loved combination that is widely worn by men and gives a bold and statement appearance. If you are looking for a combination that goes well on both formal and informal occasions then this pair is the best of all. Both colors are versatile and complement each other. If you are someone with a fair complexion then this combination is a cherry on the top for you. 

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Olive Green Shirt with Black Jeans

An Olive green shirt with black jeans gives an ultimate sophisticated look and makes your whole appearance look appealing. Some colors look good on everyone and olive green is one of them. It can be paired up with any other color easily and gives chic vibes when paired with black jeans. This combination speaks volumes and eventually makes you look great. To make it more appealing you can wear a watch with it and opt for white sneakers for a better look.


Men have a wide range of options to match with the green shirt and make them look great. However, all you need to do is choose the right combination which can elevate your whole personality. you can style your green shirt with the desired bottom according to the occasion so that you won’t look out of place. However, don’t be afraid to try something new as sometimes taking risks is necessary to look good.


Q1: How would I know which green color suits my personality?

Firstly you need to know your style and dress according to the occasion. There are various shades of green, you need to find the combination that matches with your taste and personality. 

Q2: Can we mix different patterns with green shirts?

Yes, you try to do something new but ensure they complement each other.

Q3: Are there any specific instructions to combine green shirts with different color pants?

There are no such instructions but you always need to keep accessories simple which balances your outfit. 

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