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Insanony: Free Tool to View and Download Instagram Stories Anonymously


In today’s hyper-connected web of the Internet, People like to explore and delve into the realms of diverse kinds of people. Instagram stories offer one such opportunity but Not many are comfortable disclosing their identity while watching the stories of other people. Thus tools like Insanony help them enter into someone’s sphere while ensuring secrecy. By using this tool, Users can maintain their privacy as the person whose stories user have watched, will not be able to get information about it.

About Insanony

That is an effective tool, used for watching Instagram stories of any Instagram User anonymously. It lets you enter into anyone’s story world seamlessly without them being aware of it. Apart from viewing the stories, users can also download any story conveniently. Thus it offers no risk to the user’s identity and keeps their browsing activity hidden. This tool allows people to engage with the story content of any person, available on Instagram in a secret manner. 

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Exclusive Features of Insanity

This tool is equipped with various features that ensure quality, anonymity, security, easy accessibility, etc. Detailed Information related to the features are mentioned below: 

  • Secrecy: This tool guarantees users secrecy by keeping their identity and information related to web activity hidden. There is no chance the person’s stories user had watched can know this. Thus, there is no possibility that your privacy could be harmed.  
  • Safety: Insanony is integrated with aspects that secure your data. It has an SSL Encryption feature that keeps your online activity private. Moreover, it doesn’t necessitate users to register or create an account to avail the functions it provides. 
  • No Charges: This tool doesn’t charge users anything for utilizing its mechanisms. Users can gain it’s access completely Free of Charge, without paying anything. 
  • Convenience: Users can get access to this website conveniently on any device such as a laptop, Desktop Computer, tablet, or phone (Android and iPhone). 

Step-by-Step Guide to Use Insanony:-

Using this tool involves no complex process. Here is the Step-by-step guide you can follow to avail the benefits of Insanony:  

  1. First, search the “Insanony” on Google and visit the website of Insanony. You don’t need to install the app or any kind of software to use it. 
  2. On the Website, type the Instagram username or Instagram profile URL of the person you want to visit the stories of. 
  3. Click on the Seach icon and the concerned profile will appear on the screen. You can view that person’s stories without having any concern about being detected. 
  4. You can also choose to download any views story you like. To download the stories, You need to select the story first and then click on the Download Button. Downloaded stories will be stored on your device.   

Top Reasons to Use Insanony 

There are numerous reasons why people should use Insanony which you can find below: 

  • For Professional Purposes: Sometimes, people belonging to the Social Media Marketing or influencer management Industry check and analyze the profiles of relevant Instagram users as part of their work. Using Insanony gives them convenience for fulfilling their objectives. 
  • Feeding Curiosity: At times, curiosity drives people to check on someone’s stories without wanting to reveal their identity and thus, this tool offers them comfort in satisfying their curiosity without unveiling their information.
  • Protecting Privacy: For people who are deeply concerned about their confidentiality, Insanony provides them peace of mind by safeguarding their privacy and removing their worries related to security aspects. 

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A Balanced Usage Approach

There are no doubts about the loads of benefits Insanony offers. However, users should responsibly use this tool while not harming others’ privacy. Using credible and reliable tools ensures you are in a safe position to secure your personal information but it’s also important to respect people’s personal space and not let our actions affect their privacy. 

Leverage Instagram Stories to Enhance Your Engagement

Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for increasing the interaction with your Instagram Community. By utilizing its creative features such as Filters, Stickers, icons, etc. you can boost your connection with your Instagram audience. Here are the tips from Insanony you can employ to amplify your engagement with your followers:

  • Icons, filters, and Stickers- Use available icons, filters, and stickers to make your stories creative and engaging. 
  • Respond to the comments- Give replies to your audience’s comments to make your connection strong with your audience. 
  • Apply trendy hashtags- Use trendy hashtags to increase the reach and influence of the larger base of the audience. 
  • Story Highlights- Harness the Story highlight feature to categorize posted stories to make them more organized and seamless.
  • Consistent Posting- Uploading stories regularly will help sustain your engagement with your audience and increase your follower base. 


1. Does Insanony ensure anonymity?

Yes, Insanony ensures anonymity with features that keep your privacy intact. The user of the searched account will not be able to get information about you watching their stories. So, It’s 100% Anonymous.

2. Is Insanony Safe to Use?

Insanony is a safe tool for usage. This tool doesn’t ask for any registration or creation of an account by signup or login. Additionally, it uses SSL Encryption to keep your browsing information confidential. 

3. Can Insanony be used on Smartphones? 

Yes, this tool can be easily used on smartphones and other devices such as laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. 

4. Can Instagram stories be downloaded through Insanony?

Yes, Instagram Stories can be downloaded effortlessly through this tool. All you are required to do is select the story you want to download and click on the Download Button that appears on the screen. The downloaded story will be saved on your device. 

6. Is Insanony a Paid Tool?

No, Insanony is completely a free tool with no charges or fees.

7. Does Insanony require users to have an Instagram Account to see someone’s Instagram stories?

No, Users without an account on Instagram can use this tool to watch anyone’s Instagram Stories. For this, Users only need the concerned person’s Username or Instagram profile URL. 

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